One on One Executive Coaching

One on One coaching of senior trucking executives on a variety of topics including

  • The need for a second set of eyes to bounce ideas off of and offer experiences advice
  • Employee commitment
  • Corporate Strategy and Structure
  • General operations
  • Profitability
  • Talent pool management
  • Asset rotation
  • Retention Strategies
  • Prioritization
  • Employee commitment

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Driver Retention Project Plan

  • A series of 52 videos and a corresponding manual that walks a trucking company through a step-by-step process of reducing driver turnover in a systematic fashion
  • A one-day workshop that explains the program and highlights the individual client’s particular needs via employee survey and group SWOT exercise
  • The program is further supported through 12-month touch points and reporting program designed to ensure program is on track and progress is being made.

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Trucking – Strategic Planning – 101

  • This program is designed for those companies that need to implement focused discipline to their companies.
  • The 7-part program introduce SP to your C level executives and then roles out in a focused manner all steps required to design and implement SP into your business without the need for assistance from expensive consulting companies.
  • Your company needs this program if, it lacks focus and commitment from employees’, your ROI is sub-par, your corporate future is uncertain, you lack structure, you have a desire to become a “Best in Class”  carrier.

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PDA – Professional Driver Agency

Drivers join your company because they believe they will prosper with you. The main reason they leave a company is the breakdown in communication and promises unfulfilled.
Proven Results.

PDA is an extension of your driver support system. Our people develop a meaningful relationship with your newly hired driver from Day 1. We proactively call them, on a scheduled, weekly basis, to learn about their experience with their new company: Are they satisfied? Is it what they expected? Is there anything that they were promised that is not being met? Any issues are immediately reported back to you, the carrier.

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